Monday, November 28, 2011

Travel & Photography Series: Berlin

This is the first in my occasional series on Travel and Photography.  I have been blessed to travel quite a bit in my career.  I'd like to share are some experiences and some of my fav pics from my trips.  My goal for these series is to share travel ideas and share photography that I've collected on my travels. I rarely get souvenirs when I travel. My pictures are my keepsakes. There may also be travel recommendations along the way.

You're welcome to join!  Feel free to jump in the conversation if you been to any these places. I also welcome feed back on the photos.  If you like, please let me know... it makes me happy so I can dance in my living room ;)     If you think the photo could be improved (via camera settings, Photoshop, etc), please speak up! The only way to improve is to learn from those who know!  So please share!

* This post may be updated occasionally to include new stories and newly filtered though photos (....only so much time.)

Berlin 2005

Old church that was hit in the war.
Buildings are still bullet riddled and fallen. I was told they didn't want to fix the buildings because it helped them to never forget.  It was very sobering to see, but their goal is effective.

Taken at the Memorial dedicated to the victims.

This building shows the damage that still exists.

 This building shows the damage that still exists.

And now for some artsy pics....

Berlin 2005
Copyright 2005 Everyday a la Mode

"Strolling Musicians",  Berlin 2005
Copyright 2005 Everyday a la Mode


This is one of my favorite photos.  The distant, sad look on this man's face is intriguing to me. He appears lost in thought. Notice that his accordion is taped up but continues to do what he enjoys.

"In the zone",  Berlin 2005 
Copyright 2005 Everyday a la Mode.

Camera used on this trip: Minolta Dimage Z1 3.2 Mega Pixels.

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