Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

One of our family's traditions each year is adding the kids' handprints to our Christmas tree skirt.

I started this tradition in 2001 when my children were small.  It shows their growth and has evolved into a timeline for my family.   Each year's handprints have an "ornament" that shows the year. My remarriage in 2009 brought with it a blended family, so this skirt shows the addition of my two step-daughters.
Everyday a la Mode ~ Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

Growing hands and an expanding family has produced a very full tree skirt, so this year each I needed to add an extended border around the outside of the original skirt. Our handprints for 2011 will be added to the new white boarder section.

Now, there is a lot of space for hands that are continuing to grow (I hope my step-daughter's don't keep growing. Wow, does she already has big hands!). I can also see it someday having the handprints of our grandchildren (but not for a very, very, very long time.)

Everyday a la Mode ~ Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt ~ Project Instructions

  • skirt fabric (Mine is velour in burgundy, the new border that I added this year is velour in cream)
  • felt sheets for the date ornaments (Mine are white because I liked its contrast with the burgundy)
  • craft glue for fabric
  • glitter writing paint (Gold)
  • fabric paint (Gold)
  • thread for the ornament "hanger" (Gold)

Making the tree skirt
  1. Cut the skirt to size. Go larger than your template, otherwise you may eventually be in the position that I was in this year, needing to add an outer border.
  2. Cut a hole in the center for the tree base and a slit on one side so you can get the tree skirt around the tree.
  3. Sew the raw edges of the skirt. You could also add a fringe or ribbon. I found the bling from the gold paint was enough for me, so I skipped that add-on.
Adding handprints
  1. Fold 1 sheet of felt in half, and cut out an ornament shaped piece. Occasionally, unfold it and check the shape. Does it look symmetrical? If not shape, continue shaping it.
  2. After you are happy with the shape of the ornament, write the year and decorate using the glitter writing paint.  As you can see in my final pictures, I chose to make each year's ornament a different shape and decorated it differently for variety.
  3. Pour the fabric paint into a paper plate. Each child then places their hand on the plate. Firmly push the hand down so all surfaces will have paint.
  4. Blot the hand on a papertowel to remove excess paint and then place the hand on skirt. Gently but firmly help young hands to fully press.
  5. I touch up the handprint with a brush using some of the glitter writing paint. This step helps bring out areas that did not get enough paint. The glitter paint also adds more bling to the hand print. Then, I write their name by their print using the glitter writting paint.
  6. After the ornament is dry, glue it to the skirt next to the years' handprints. I added gold thread at the top of the ornament to be the ornament hanger.

Our tree skirt shows how our family has evolved and grown. It's fun to look at each year with the kids and compare.

What traditions does your family have that you keep adding to each year?

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  1. I really like this idea! Such a neat way to track growth and what a wonderful thing to pull out each year. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words.

  2. Thank you, Jo, for the compliment and for stopping by to check out my site. Have a good rest of your holiday season!

  3. I love this! Where did you get your tree skirt? I haven't been able to find one like it!


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