Sunday, January 22, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 2/30 - "Enjoying the little things"

Arg! You may ask?  "...Day 2"? What happened to Day 1? Well, it's still in "post-processing". Those readers who know me know I'm a bit on the critical side with my photos, so I haven't decided what will be the final "Day 1" pic.    Yes, you may say ...."Robyn, dear (though you may not call me Dear necessarily, but you get the point) , that is what your Word of the Year post was about!  Remember, it was about Confidence? Put it out there and go for it!".  Yes, I know. It's an on-going battle uphill and I'm working on it..

As for Day 2....well, it's a rough start....I took several pics this afternoon. I was reviewing them, deleting the bad and keeping the "possible".  I accidently deleted the "good possible" that I really wanted. Since I deleted it directly from the card, it didn't go to the recycling bin. It figures...and it is now lost.    

So, here is the new Day 2.  I'm traveling for work today and just arrived on location.  Watching football and blogging, does it get better? (...Yes, it does... only because you can't see the wine glass that didn't make the crop.)  The pic is unprocessed since I don't have PS on my work computer. 

Your question may be, "What is the score, Robyn? Are you watching the game?!"....Duh, it's 17-17 in Overtime!  You'll have to check the Post-Game to know the final.

Enjoy More!

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