Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 3/30 - Traveling Rituals

While working today, I found nothing to capture today's picture for my 30 Day Photography Challenge. Unless you like the idea of seeing rows of hoteling cubicles at the office, I just had to pass.

I got back to my hotel room tonight and what caught my eye was one of my traveling rituals. We all have some when traveling (Oh, yes do you too! Admit it!) As a frequent traveler, I have developed a few traveling rituals to help me to feel more comfortable on the road. I'm sure my Mr E'alamode would call them quirks more than rituals and that I have more than a few.... well... anyway.... it's all subjective.)

One of my traveling rituals is setting everything in it's place. The brushes are in the same direction. Bottles are lined up. Flip-flops are ready (so my feet don't join the science experiment party on the hotel floor). Remote is wiped down, etc. The room is prep'ed and everything is in its place.

After taking the first photo, I was reviewing the pics and cringed.  Made some changes...."ah, that's better".
No, I'm not singing "Which one of these is not like the others, ...", but little adjustments and a few accents (like a nice lotion) make the difference when traveling.

Call it quirky. Call it an OCD thing. Whatever. It makes me happy. 
What do you do to feel more comfortable when on the road?

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