Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 4/30: Oops and Ouch

Day 4/30 - Part 1: "Oops"
I'm finding the 30 Day Photography Challenge is a BIG challenge when traveling for work.  The goal is to take a different photo each day for 30 day and learn something along the way.

The sky is supposed to optimal for the Northern Lights tonight, a rarity in northern Illinois.  That's one that's still on my bucket list! So, after a late dinner tonight, I went for a walk around the area looking for some inspiration.  I found no luck though, only cold feet, dark photos, and dirty snow.  I returned to the hotel and soaked my feet in the tub. I was so tempted to take a picture of the tiled bath wall and call it a night.  Then, I found this photo that I had taken while on the walk. It is the only photo that made it past edits tonight. It's an "oops" photo that I liked more than the ones I actually tried to capture. .... So, ironic! I think the layers, tones, and curves in contrast with the straight lines made it interesting.

Day 4/30 - Part 2: Ouch
Then, while writing this post, I found a second photo for Day 4.  I turned around to watch late night tv while typing and I caught this shot. It looked fun,  I needed to take a few extra shots to improve the lighting, so I probably need  to see my chiropractor when I get home from the trip.

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