Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 6/30

With Day 6 of my 30 Day Photography Challenge, I am taking on food photography again. My first rodeo with food photography was my Lasagna recipe.  It looked good, but I had lots of room for improvement.

Today's challenge was photographing my On Request Coffee Cake (recipe post is here). It's a very moist coffee cake that my family loves, so I recommend checking it out.

It's a challenge in food photography to make the food look appetizing. Color should be inviting and make you want to take a bite. Too much detail can make the food look grainy and fake. 

Here are my favorite photos from the shoot.

I like how the lighting turned out here.

The eggs turned out pretty good. Not too gelatinous and still has warm tones.

I like how the movement was captured, but I think there is too much detail in the flour.

Of course, I have to lick the spoon. Yum!

I like the composition here...with the almost empty pan that the kids enjoyed.


I have improved the way I'm "seeing" light since my last food photography shoot.  That is definitely improving my photos. I think it's come a long way since the Lasagna shoot. 

I welcome feedback from photography buffs and enthusiasts! Let me know if you have any suggestions or any favorite photography sites that have tips!   

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