Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oops ~ Broken Links ~ Blogger with Firefox/IE

As of January 16, there is an issue with the URL links in Blogger when using Firefox and IE.  Safari seems to be okay according to my sister ~ Hey, Jen!   And I just tested Google Chrome and it works successfully too.   I have also found this problem on other sites that use Blogger (also with Firefox and IE), so I will give up reading HTML code and get back get to where I want to be ....doing photos and writing content.

So, if you are using Firefox or IE, when using links (such as in Popular Posts, Archives, LinkWithin, or selecting the title of a post), readers need to scroll to the top of post at this time.   Please do! I appreciate that you came by and hope to not loose any readers!

Me ~ Frustrated and driven crazy by URL links and HTML
I have posted the problem on a few Blogger support sites, so hopefully we'll have an answer soon.  Any help from other Blogger users is greatly appreciated!

* Note that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work on my self-photography even when frustrated.
Gotta to go with the flow! :)

18 Jan Update
There is sort of a resolution for this issue. For other Blogger users who are effected, Blogger updated their embedded comment processing. I have now changed my comment processing to popup. Unfortunately, popup comment windows do not allow the new direct reply processing that the embedded comments allowed. Not the best solution, but it's better than scrolling back up.   Readers can also use Google Chrome or Safari to avoid the problem on other Blogger sites.    Wo-Ho!


  1. I KNEW this issue wasn't just MY computer...it was happening at work as well...yes, when I am taking a little break, I read blogs :) I use Firefox. Thank you so much for this post...why I have Googled the problem...I do not know. Hugs, Jan

    1. Hi Jan. It drove me crazy since I thought it was related to a change on my template. It looks like they are not going to fix the issue though, so I guess we just adapt. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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