Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Travel & Photography Series ~ France

Ah, memories of France!

My husband is currently in France on business for a couple of weeks, so I'm reminiscing about a trip we took in 2008.  We both happened to be Europe at the same time, so we took the weekend and went down to Bordeaux and St Emillion to visit old friends of my husbands.  We had an amazing weekend!

Here are a few of photos from that trip!

2008 Bordeaux, France

2008 Saint Emillion, France

2008 Saint Emillion, France

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest Blogging: Using Your Photography As Art In Your Home!

Today, I'm guest blogging for Laura over at JourneyChic!  Laura has a wonderful blog that is filled with great ideas on decor, design, fashion, and more! Ideas that fit real lives and real budgets.

I'll be sharing ideas that I hope will inspire others on how to turn your own photography into art in your home.  Please swing by JourneyChic for these ideas and to check out other great inspirations!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Enjoying the simple things

 I was in Chicago a few weeks go. I walked from my hotel down to the car and found more amazing works from Him on my car window!  (I wrote a previous post related to this topic on a prior trip (linked here).  )

The ice crystals formed unique groupings with curls and waves.  I sat in my cold car and took pictures, not wanting to turn the car on. I didn't want the heater to melt the ice too quickly. 

I love being amazed by simple everyday things and by awesome works of nature!

This photo shows the beautiful curls and branches in the crystals.

The next shots is me having fun with Photoshop using the same photo.

The first one looks part of a medical documentary, but it is so cool looking!

This is post processing allows the spaces to be appreciated in more detail.

I'll quote a website (Live in Pictures) that I found today....
"Don't you just love all those little daily messages in the everyday things?"

True for her and me as well!  
I seek daily surprises out there!  
And I feel like a little kid at Christmas every time when I find them!

Enjoy More!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transitions and Growth

I'm lovin' the warm spring days that are coming! Our area is seeing spring early this year!
In the cool blah days of winter, I find myself challenged by lack of inspiration. No color, just cold and wet and blah.   Unfortunately this year, lack of inspiration has equated to a lack of posts from me.  Sorry about that!  Hopefully the change in weather will bring my spark back.

This blog has evolved into a photography website that is peppered with projects and miscellaneous creative things. I love doing projects. I always have.  But, as you may have noticed over the past six months since I started this blog, my passion is the photography! I become engulfed trying to tell a story or "spin a yarn" as they say.

My next challenge is to figure out how to take this passion for photography to the next level! A scary thought! It's also a very daunting thought since I still need to keep the day job in balance. 

Have you made a transition that seemed impossible to you?  I would love to know your thought on it!

Here is one of my latest portraits from a recent shoot. I think it came out very dream-like and peaceful. As the viewer, what questions come to you as you see the photo? Do you see a storyline? 

By just rotating the photo, your prospective changes.  Now, it looks to me as if she's falling, drowning, sinking. As if she's peacefully given up.....  

Yeah, that is a bit of a downer view of the photo. I just think it's interesting how a small change can change the story you are telling.

What story do you see?

Enjoy More!

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     Challenge #1:  Take a picture from a high vantage point, from above your subject 
     Challenge #3: Express the following word in a photo: Transition
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Office Book Ends / Magazine Holders

I am lovin' my new bookends / magazine holders at my desk!

I've been slowing working on my desk space at home. A little improvement here, a little improvement there.  I was using old plastic magazine holders to store work papers. With a little TLC, they now look awesome!

I have been looking for already made folders or bookends that had the look I wanted. What I found was the wrong color or wrong style, etc.

What isn't in the pictures is that there are other red accents in the den and the walls in the adjacent living room are red. It ties in nicely!  I think they have the Modern Vintage look I was going for!

This is an easy project and I now have exactly what I wanted!

Read on!  Click below for the details on customize your bookends or magazine holders!....
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