Sunday, March 11, 2012

Enjoying the simple things

 I was in Chicago a few weeks go. I walked from my hotel down to the car and found more amazing works from Him on my car window!  (I wrote a previous post related to this topic on a prior trip (linked here).  )

The ice crystals formed unique groupings with curls and waves.  I sat in my cold car and took pictures, not wanting to turn the car on. I didn't want the heater to melt the ice too quickly. 

I love being amazed by simple everyday things and by awesome works of nature!

This photo shows the beautiful curls and branches in the crystals.

The next shots is me having fun with Photoshop using the same photo.

The first one looks part of a medical documentary, but it is so cool looking!

This is post processing allows the spaces to be appreciated in more detail.

I'll quote a website (Live in Pictures) that I found today....
"Don't you just love all those little daily messages in the everyday things?"

True for her and me as well!  
I seek daily surprises out there!  
And I feel like a little kid at Christmas every time when I find them!

Enjoy More!

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  1. I love these shots you captured! Never can seem to find these lovely ice designs on windows or glass around here! Happy Monday to you!


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