Friday, March 2, 2012

Office Book Ends / Magazine Holders

I am lovin' my new bookends / magazine holders at my desk!

I've been slowing working on my desk space at home. A little improvement here, a little improvement there.  I was using old plastic magazine holders to store work papers. With a little TLC, they now look awesome!

I have been looking for already made folders or bookends that had the look I wanted. What I found was the wrong color or wrong style, etc.

What isn't in the pictures is that there are other red accents in the den and the walls in the adjacent living room are red. It ties in nicely!  I think they have the Modern Vintage look I was going for!

This is an easy project and I now have exactly what I wanted!

Read on!  Click below for the details on customize your bookends or magazine holders!....

  • Spray adhesive (I used Aleene's Crystal Clear Tacky Spray)
  • Magazine holders (Mine were just around the house. They were from Container Store for $2.99 about 15 years ago.
  • Fabric (I bought 2 yards. I made 3 magazine holders and had fabric left over)
  • Ornate plates (For the labels. Mine were from the scrapbooking section at our local craft store.)
  • 1 File folder (or other paper that coordinates with the color of your fabric)
  • Calligraphy pen  (I like silver.)
  • Disposable gloves


Position the fabric so  it wraps around the container. Allow the fabric to overlap into the inside of the container.

Cut the fabric around the container so it wraps around to the inside of the container. Don't worry about cutting it to the exact shape yet. Just wrap the fabric in this photo.

I recommend wearing gloves for this next part of the project. The adhesive gets sticky.

In an open space (I was in my front yard), spray only one side of the container with the adhesive.

Position the container on the fabric allowing the fabric to overlap into the inside of the container, about 2 inches.  (If you look at the photos below, you can get a better idea of what I mean by this.)
The adhesive dries quickly, but you have a good 20 seconds to reposition the container if needed and smooth out any wrinkles.

Next, spray the front face of the container and smooth the fabric over it.

Next, spray the other side of the container and smooth the fabric over it.

Then, spray the bottom of the container and wrap the fabric like you would a present. Folder the corners at 45 degree angles. Then, spray the adhesive around the folds so they lie flat.

Magazine holders come in different designs. Mine have a 45 degree angle on one side and a right angle cut into the other side.

For the 45 degree angle side, cut the fabric about 2 inches larger than the container. (Shown here on the bottom side. )

For a right angle side, cut the fabric about 2 inches larger than the container. Then, miter the corner, so the fabric folds around to the inside smoothly.

To glue the fabric on the inside of the container, spray the fabric instead of the container. This will help not get the inside container as sticky.

Wrap the edges of the fabric around to the inside of the container to hide the cut edges.

After the container is wrapped, you can add label plates.  Spray the edges with the adhesive and attach.

For the tag, I used a file folder. The dark green matched well with my fabric.  A silver calligraphy pen really stands out on the label.

Allow about 1-2 hours for the adhesive to dry completely.

Finished Project
I think my fabric and plates give the holder the Modern Vintage look I'm going for!

Possible Ideas
You could also finish the inside of the container.  Since I don't see the inside, this was not important to me, but it could easily be done.

My den remodel is still in progress.  It's almost there! This is one step closer to finalizing the details! It's still a bit cluttery, so a clean is due!

If you have any photos of your den remodeling project, please share your ideas by attaching your link in the comment section!

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