Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things

Today is another segment of what I call "The View from my Window" , where I'll ramble on about something off topic. I'll add cool pictures and will call it a post.  Enjoy!...

I have not been very motivated to write lately. But, the budding leaves and blossoms and freshness in the air this time of year makes me think about things that I love and that inspire me. 
Here are some of my favs......

Everyday a la Mode Munich photography
© 2005 Everyday a la Mode
1) Photography (duh!) 
I love trying to tell a story with a photo and it feels awesome when I succeed!  I also love to find "art" in normal things.

Everyday a la Mode photography shoes confidence
© 2012 Everyday a la Mode
2) Hot conversations
Be it about politics, current events, or relationships, a good debate is fun....of course, when each person agrees to walk away unscathed.

3) Confidence with one's sensuality
Enjoy it while you've got it! And, while on the topic, lingerie and high heels! Too wonderful for only special occasions!

4) Confidence in a Man
 is so sexy!

Everyday a la Mode photography master closet
© 2011 Everyday a la Mode
5) Organization!
The Container Store is one of my favorite places. I'm an organizational freak! My lists have lists. I'm obsessed with magazine perfect closets, pantrys, and laundry rooms!  

We finished our master close re-do this winter. (The post is here, if you missed it.)

Overhauling the pantry is next on the list! It's still in the design phase, but I am so looking forward to it!

6) Vacations 

Everyday a la Mode photography Destin beach
© 2009 Everyday a la Mode
Traveling to awesome places with my husband! 

I love the amazing feeling of sand between my toes, warm and comforting! 

Drinks by the sea shore, waves rolling in the night.... Ahhh...

Camping in the mountains, getting everything back to the basics. No phones, tvs, nothing.

....Life is good.


7) Food! 
I am a self-proclaimed Foodie! 

  • Spicy hot food! The spicier the better!  (Supremely Spicy Hummus  is awesome!)
  • Sushi (only the cooked kind) 
  • The perfectly cooked steak, medium-rare           
  • The perfect margarita made with PatrĂ³n!  O-o-o! Enough said!

8) Music
I can't live without music! Classic rock, blue, country, or jazz music. My workout playlist has Beastie Boys, Pink, Heart, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, and Jason Aldean, (and the theme to Rocky...but maybe I should have kept that to myself).....a bit of everything. Songs that inspire and energize me!

O-o-o! And I love Nina Simone! She's on my winddown playlist.  I love listening to her when I travel and when I need to relax.   Here are a couple of classics from Nina Simone. These are two of my favs from her work. If not you are familiar with her work, I hope you will check it out. More of her work can be found on YouTube. She has a great passion and deep soul in her singing. She's amazing!

Updated July 25, 2012......There are links available on YouTube to the full versions of these songs. I removed those links from this post since I wasn't sure if I was in violation of the copyrights.  Playing it safe, here are short previews of these amazing songs that are available for purchase on iTunes. (That's where I bought mine from, but they may be available from other sources.) These previews are a good representation of her gifted voice. 

These are just a few of my favorite things. It's a fun list to make and is always a good mood-picker-up-er!
What are some of your favs that inspire you? 

Enjoy More!

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