Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haven Conference 2012 - Check-in

Haven Conference 2012Hanging' at the Haven conference this week! Haven is a DIYer's / Blogger's dream! It's about connecting and sharing with others in the web community. 

I found out about the Haven conference almost 6 months ago, when Everyday a la Mode was only a wee 3 months old.   What caught my eye was sessions with titles like ...
..."Hobby to Business"
..."I Like Big Blogs: Tips on Growing your Blog"
..."Blogging PR"

Even though Everyday a la Mode was so young, I decided that registering for this conference was a goal to strive for to see if this is an interest that would stick.  These sessions matched the goal in mind of turning my hobby into my next chapter (for more on why I started this blog, look here.)

Of course, what sealed the deal was sessions covering....
...Photography / Photo Styling
...Advanced painting
...Power tools 

GASP! Remember the photo with me wearing my tool belt with my wine! I couldn't pass this conference up!

Everyday a la Mode Blogging conference HavenSo, here I am, on check-in night! I have met so many great people with similar interests and the passion to be creative and be inspired!

And, I'm so glad I had my business cards ready to go. They have been a good representation of my work!

Haven covers two days and has more sessions than there is time to take. So, I have my session list prioritized and I'm ready to go! Hopefully, I'll grab a seat in my first choices before the sessions fill up! 

Cheers to a fun week full of great networking, being inspired, and new friends!

Enjoy More!

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