Friday, July 27, 2012

Why I Love Big Pickles (or How I knew it was Love)

Today is another segment of what I call "The View from my Window" , where I'll ramble on about something off topic. I'll add cool pictures and will call it a post.  Enjoy!...
Today, I'd like to share with you what I guess you can call our Love Story.  It comes in two parts....

Part 1: When I Knew my Man was a Keeper
Getting back into the dating world is tough. Anyone who has jumped back into the ring after a long time will agree (or they were just really lucky!)   How I met my husband (well, before he was my husband) was uneventful. We met while I picking up a take-out order at a local restaurant. We small-talked for a bit and things moved on from there. 

We had our challenges dating. He had two children at home and a new job. I had 3 young children at home and was traveling heavily. Blended-family relationships are very unique and require lots of patience! We talked on the phone more than we saw each other. Well, after dating a few months, I received an award trip from my company. I had never been to Savannah, so we used the award and took off for a weekend away. It was a big step, our first weekend away together!   We went sightseeing; I worked on my photography; did the normal touristy things and, of course, worked on getting to know each other more.  
Everyday a la Mode
Savannah, GA 2007

Not to digress, but I need to fill in a bit of my background. I should first explain that I have a bit of a germ-phobia......well, some people may say "a bit" is putting it mildly.  No! I do not do a Michael Jackson and wear a mask or bring my own silverware like Jack Nickolson in As Good As Gets! (Awesome movie, by the way!) I just take the necessary steps to not get sick. I used to get sick after every business trip!  I felt miserable after every trip for a couple of weeks. So now, when I travel, I wipe hotel rooms down with disinfectant wipes. On planes, I wipe everything down that I'm going to touch. There are always baby wipes in my car. I totally love that some grocery stores now have the disinfectant wipes for the grocery carts!  Those carts are just giant petri dishes!   I wash my hands ...well, I don't even know how many times in one day.  (There's more but I'll spare those details since my clean-freakishness is not what this post is about, but you get the point. ) The main point is my habits work and I rarely get sick, so it is what it is.

The other bit about me is that I'm very animated when I talk. I always say if I sat on my hands, I'd be mute. 

Anyways, back to our story in Savannah. Being our first trip away, my man was just finding out how far my clean habit thing went.  (He's still figuring it out since there are exceptions to my rules and it varies.) We were on an elevator chatting away. I'm holding my water bottle and my hands are flying because I'm talking ....and I drop my bottle cap.  Crap! I'm thinking I can't use that cap now! Well, you know what! Within two seconds time, my man looks at me, looks down at the cap, and picks it up. He takes his cap from his water and trades! I just looked up at him with my big doe eyes and said thank you. But what I was really thinking was that he just may be a Keeper!

Everyday a la Mode
Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA 2007

Part 2: Why I Love Big Pickles
What is it about big pickles that makes me love them so! I smile every time I see a big jar of pickles in a deli. Maybe it's because I was eating a big pickle when my husband first told me that he loved me! 

We had been dating about 6 months. My man and I both needed to be in Europe for business during the same two-week time frame. (Yes, we have been very blessed with our jobs to see amazing places!)  We were never in Europe at the same time before. To make it even better, the timing was awesome!  He needed to be in Munich for a conference. So, I connected into Munich and we met up during Oktoberfest week! Sweet! It's tough to beat Oktoberfest in Munich!

One night, we were at an hofbräuhaus eating dinner.
"Yes", he said out of nowhere.
"What?", as I took another big bite of my big pickle that was wrapped in a paper towel.
"Yes, I love you." , he finished.
"I love you too!", I said surprised with pickle still in my mouth...... I waited to kiss him until after I swallowed the pickle though.  Am I not a catch or what?! ;)

Good timing for Oktoberfest since I don't usually walk around eating big pickles!

That next Christmas, I gave him a Christmas tree ornament of a glass pickle. It now hangs from our tree every year. 
Today is our third anniversary! Happy Anniversary, babe!  

...And yes, I know I need to find a better title for you than "my man", I'm still brainstorming on that. ;)

....And now, more pretty pictures from that trip in Munich....but read on...

Everyday a la Mode
A hofbräuhaus during Oktoberfest, Munich 2007

Everyday a la Mode
Neuschwanstein, 2007

After re-reading this post, I probably should have titled this post "Robyn's Enduring Qualities", but I thought that would be too...hum...anyway....    Thank you for walking down memory lane with me! I hope you enjoyed a good laugh!

Do you have a love story you would like to share? Feel free to share it in the comment section or link up to your blog if you have written about it.

Enjoy More!

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  1. Robyn,

    I love this post! Any guy that would trade water bottle tops is a keeper! You are truly blessed and I love hearing real-life love stories!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    1. Thank you, Karianne! It's fun, quirky story. It was fun to write it up to share!

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