Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Wonders of Paint (or Simple Foyer Update)

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Before repainting
 I was cleaning out our storage room last night and found old paint. I was putting kitty litter in the old cans and found one of the cans still looked in good shape.  So, that must mean that a spontaneous project was destined to be!

Our old foyer was okay. It definitely wasn't bad, but I alway felt like something just wasn't done. It felt blah to me.

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After repainting the door
So, when I found the paint that was used to repaint the outside of the house last year, it hit me that this was what I needed!

everyday a la mode everydayalamode.com
After repainting the door

I think the room looks more tied together now!.

I love that a quick fix of paint can solve lots of problems!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Photography

This summer was super busy! One of the things on the agenda was attending my sister's wedding! 

She had a hired photographer (who was awesome, by the way!), but I was able to work in some of my own shots while helping my sister with her plans.  I was not able to take photos during the ceremony since I was in the front and was up to read scripture. Yeah, I could have whipped the camera out then, but I think my sister preferred my conservative behavior at the time. ;)

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took! Enjoy!

I love how this one captures the movement, but my sister's son is so in the moment!

Needed some mommy time! It was a big day!

The happy couple running to their car after the reception.

...And now walking to their car after the reception.
 Thank you to my sister and her husband for being cool with me posting these pics! 
It was an awesome wedding! My favorite (second only to my own). ;)

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Small-sized Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

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I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer! Mine has been crazy busy! ...Which is why I'm guilty of being bad at posting lately! (Sorry!)     I have so much to catch up on....our vacation to northern Arizona (in the Sedona area), my sister's wedding, our deck project, kids at summer camps, work travel, attending the Haven conference (which I posted about here).  Wow! I'm just now catching my breath!
But today, I'll start my catch-up with the reveal of my laundry room makeover!

Before Makeover
I love reading about awesome laundry room makeovers! I love the photos with the glitz and glam that some laundry rooms have with their beautiful windows and top of the line washer and dryer and cabinets.  However, our laundry room is small and my budget was even smaller.  My goal was to max out the space and add some style!
One thing that I love about our laundry room is that it is on the second floor with most of the bedrooms. The downside is that it is an internal room sans windows. 

Before makeover
Here is a picture of the before. I do not have pictures of the original layout of the room that the builder set up (since I never imaged that I would have a blog six years ago).

The builder had one shelf above the washer and dryer and 3 short shelves right in front of the dryer (on the wall behind where I'm standing to take the photo, so you can't see that wall).  I added the 3 long shelves that you see on the right after I moved in. 

Adding the 3 long shelves on the right side added a lot more space than the original layout. This was a fast solution back then, but the space over the washer and dryer was still wasted and the hanging space (on the lower right side) was small and the clothes hung into the dirty clothes basket.

And, well, it was still a dark and dreary room. It needed help!

Dryer vent goo....before makeover (of course!)

To make matters worse, the dryer vent worked it's way out of the wall, so it was a very hot and dusty room.
I'm embarrassed to show this picture, but it is what it is. I vow to readers to not filter the Yuck and Fails when they occur. You can see the dryer lint clinging to the wall here. That goo was all over the wall around the dryer too!

So, I removed all but one track hanger, gave the room an overdue deep cleaning, patched holes, changed out the blah builder light, and gave the room a well deserved fresh coat of paint.
I didn't want to move the washer and dryer into the hall since I was worried it would tear up the hall carpet. So, I worked around the units. Sliding them towards the door, I was able to crawl to the back of the dryer and repair the broken vent.
To repair the vent, I used metal ductwork tape. It's able to withstand the heat in the vent (according to my local home improvement store go-to guy).

After Makeover
Here is the final reveal!    It's a difficult room to photograph since it is so small. 
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I stayed with wire shelving for a few reasons. I felt it gave me the flexibility to change the room as needed (I do things like that sometimes). It keeps the room light. And, well, it worked well with the budget. Since I already had the 3 shelves on the right side and those brackets, I only needed to add the remaining shelves and hanging rods.

I also kept the original vinyl flooring. Since I couldn't move the washer and dryer out of the room, the floor update will need to wait until the washer and dryer can be replaced. Hopefully, that will not need to happen for a long time!

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  • This design raised the height of the hanging space. Now, the clothes no longer hang into the dirty clothes basket.
  • Each of the kids has their own basket. Our basket is large since it also holds the fresh towels for the master bath.
  • I added additional hanging space to hold unused hangers (on the left side). It allows the long hanging space on the right side to hold more clothes.

Everyday a la Mode everydayalamode.com
Everyday a la Mode everydayalamode.com
List of sources
  • Paint in Closet ~ Behr Beachwalk (Left over from my Master Closet Redo that was posted here.
  • Vintage-style light with an Edison bulb ~ Lowes (Same as I used in my Master Closet)
  • Black and tan rug ~ Target
  • Baskets  ~ Sources unknown. They were left over from the prior design.
  • Rabbit and plants~ Source unknown. They are old and were in my storage, so I moved them into the room to add freshness.
  • Red framed art ~ I made this. I just printed a definition (of "laundry" in this case) and framed it an old frame that I already had.
  • Black and tan tray over the washer ~ Homegoods

Left on the to-do list for the room
I still need to replace the placemat on the dryer. The color is totally wrong. I'm still on the lookout for a replacement in the black/tan tones to coordinate with the rug and the tray.
I also want to reprint the framed art or replace it, since red accents are not the focus of the room anymore.

Everyday a la Mode everydayalamode.com

It is a small room, but I think I squeezed every bit of size it had to offer!   The room looks and feels larger!
The paint color and details adds the freshness I wanted.
For such a small laundry room, it's now finally living to its potential!
Do you have a small room that you madeover so it could pack-a-punch! Please share your project!

Enjoy More!
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