Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Photography

This summer was super busy! One of the things on the agenda was attending my sister's wedding! 

She had a hired photographer (who was awesome, by the way!), but I was able to work in some of my own shots while helping my sister with her plans.  I was not able to take photos during the ceremony since I was in the front and was up to read scripture. Yeah, I could have whipped the camera out then, but I think my sister preferred my conservative behavior at the time. ;)

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took! Enjoy!

I love how this one captures the movement, but my sister's son is so in the moment!

Needed some mommy time! It was a big day!

The happy couple running to their car after the reception.

...And now walking to their car after the reception.
 Thank you to my sister and her husband for being cool with me posting these pics! 
It was an awesome wedding! My favorite (second only to my own). ;)

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