Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Faux "Batten and Board" Wall Treatment (and Faux Mudroom Makeover)

A project that has been LONG on my to-do list has been our "Mudroom" makeover. Since I also love Batten and Board wall treatments, I thought it was the perfect place to make big change!  I decided to install a faux batten and board wall treatment.    Here's the reveal!

Our house doesn't have a real "mudroom". In the southern US, mudrooms are not as common as in the north. Being a born-and-bred Yankee, I have long missed having one.   Our garage is directly off our main hall,  so it's not a real mudroom.  I wanted the space to feel bigger and be more useable.

I started with 1x6s for verticals and 1x3s for the hortizontals. The top level is also a 1x3.

I have wanted a more defined "mudroom" area since I moved into the house. I have considered batten-and-board projects eye candy for, well....forever!  Unknown to the Mr, my dream-like vision (ah!) was I like I was waiting for the one day when he would say he thought the hall would look better with some hooks.  My vision came true and that was all I needed!  Hooks he wanted! Hooks he got!   So, he was planning his next business trip and I was measuring! .... Ironic isn't it how that seems to happen. :)

I think it's a BIG difference between the before and after.

Read on for the project bits and details (and befores, durings, and more afters)!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weary in the Blah of Winter (or Where in the heck is Spring!)

I'm one of those people who curls into a ball in the winter and whimpers until spring arrives.  When the sun pokes it is head between the clouds and shares its warmth, I'm in the yard next to the lizards that play on my porch, face tilted up to absorb every bit I can.

I'm craving paint and power tools! I can't wait until the project season begins! The weather looks like it will be warm enough next weekend to sneak a couple of projects in! I'm looking forward to sharing them here at Everyday a la Mode very soon!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Sun and spring-related photos! Say warm!

Tulip fields outside of Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Key West, 2012
Jost Van Dyke, BVIs 2005

Key West, 2012
Fort Jefferson (south of Key West), 2012

BVIs 2005
Everyday a la Mode 2011

Fort Jefferson (south of Key West), 2012

Enjoy More!

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