Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photo Shoot: Devin

Meet my beautiful model this week!   Seventeen year old Devin is entering her freshman year in college this Fall. She needed a couple of head shots for school activities. I offered her a full shoot instead! 

This next photo was from a spontaneous moment when I was changing lens. I told her to freeze.  I caught a beaut of a moment!    I love when a photo can tell its own story.  For me, this is one of those....

This next photo is so radiant and fun.   I love it!  The grass was wet with the morning dew, so I put towels on the grass and tucked them under so they are not in sight. 

I had a mixed  feelings about the next photo. I was almost deleted it.  After converting it to black and white though, the photo conveys a air of peace and contemplation.

Thank you Devin!  It was great meeting you!  Beautiful shots! Good luck at college!

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