Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Sister Blog is launched! (Sawdust and Hoops)

Hey everyone!  I have launched my sister blog Sawdust and Hoops !

Everyday a la Mode is my first blog (launched back in 2011). Over 18 months, Everyday a la Mode has primarily evolved into a Photography, DIY, and Organizing blog with additional topics thrown in, like recipes and music. I felt those topics were becoming too diverse to be on the same site, so I decided to launch Sawdust and Hoops.

Sawdust and Hoops will focus on DIY, home improvement projects, and organization. Moving forward, Everyday a la Mode will focus on photography, travel, music, recipes, or just me rambling on about something.

Through Everyday a la Mode AND Sawdust and Hoops, I will share what inspires me and hopefully will inspire others.

Enjoy More!

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