About Me ~ Why I started this blog?

Why I started this blog?...
  • I needed an outlet for my creative drive. (A career in IT definitely doesn't help channel that.)
  • To energize and motivate myself to create and try new things.
  • To find new ways to be inspired and hopefully inspire others along the way.
  • To share and learn from others. I hope to be able to share my ideas with others and get their feedback.
  • I keep a hard-copy journal of ideas and have an inspiration board next to my desk. My plan for this blog is to give me a new way to document the things I love, my ideas, and my projects (wins and laughable fails).
  • To continue to develop my photography skills, art, cooking, and writing skills.
  • Since my day job needs to stay in the picture for now (ah, those crazy kids and mortgage!), I hope that someday my interest in photography, food, art, travel, and enjoying life could somehow turn into my next chapter where I chase my dreams!

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  1. Just popped in from DIY and decided to support your new blog, since I recently began blogging myself.
    Your closet inspired me. Great job.


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